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Take a look at our vast portfolio of work, and get some inspiration for what you want your brand to be.


Web Design

A website can sometimes be the first impression from a potential client. This is why we have formulated the perfect solution that will draw in customers and increase traffic.

Web Development

Long after the web design process is over, don't worry, we have your back. Website development such as updates to all devices is our Fourté.


Need any high quality photos taken from heights or angles you can't do yourself? We've got you covered. Drone shots? Close ups? No problem.

Image Sourcing

Access a database with over 1,000+* copyright free images that are free and available to you commercially.

Mobile Optimisation

With over 52.2% of all traffic over the internet being done through mobile devices, it is very important you have a mobile friendly website. At DMS we can help you to build a friendly website throughout all devices.

Graphic Design

Building a brand has many aspects, however the most important one, is the logo. The logo represents the face of your brand and is very important. At DMS we offer professional graphic design for any needs you may have.


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Brand Creation


Website Creation

Inter Tabs

Creative Poster Design

Graphic Design

Website Updates

Sell New Zealand

Brand Creation


Website Creation

Sell Kapiti

"I love it! The website looks great. The logo is fantastic and recognisable."

Pete Chamberlain

CEO of Inter Tabs

"Design My Site have done a fabulous job on my websites. Highly recommended professionals."

Tanya Lieven

Director of Sell Wellington Real Estate



Personal Website

  • Landing Page
  • In-depth Support
  • Search Engine Optimisation


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For Small Business's

  • All "Standard" Features
  • Online Store
  • Custom Features


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Professional Website

  • All "Business" Features
  • Unlimited Styles for interface
  • Email Campaign


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For Larger Business's

  • All "Premium" features
  • Image Sourcing (1000+ images)
  • Reliable Customer Service


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